We Didn’t Ask for Another “Jay and Silent Bob” Movie, But We Got One

It's a reboot! See the new trailer below.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
A new trailer for the Kevin Smith film proves that literally nothing's changed
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“Don’t tell me you guys have no idea there’s a new comic book movie of the old comic book movie you two were the basis for?”

We’re apparently a long enough way from 2001 that we can start remaking Kevin Smith comedies. A new trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot just debuted, which is, yes, a mocking relaunch of the 2001 comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

The new film exactly the plot of the previous one, as Jason Lee’s aforementioned quote from the trailer sums up perfectly. A movie studio decides to “reboot” the Jay and Silent Bob comic book-turned-film, the titular characters (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) set off to Hollywood to shut it down, and weed jokes, celebrity cameos (hi again, Matt and Ben) and a whole lot of swearing ensure.

There’s also a subplot about a love child between Mewes and Shannon Elizabeth — remember her from American Pie? — and honestly, we’re not exactly sure who this movie is for, except the few thousand people left who still cherish the View Askewniverse.

Speaking of Smith, the writer/director/star has done well recently directing superhero TV shows for the CW (Supergirl, The Flash) and remains an engaging real-life presence. That said, he hasn’t directed a film of note since the underrated Clerks 2 in 2007 and nothing truly memorable since 1997’s Chasing Amy (a film that would never get made today).

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot opens in October. Before then, you might want to check out the debut feature directed by Mewes called Madness in the Method. Opening next month, it follows Mewes as he attempts method acting to gain more respect in Hollywood … and features pretty much the entire Jay and Silent Bob cast, as well as maybe the last appearance by the late, great Stan Lee (as seen in Mallrats).

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