Is “Die Hard” a Christmas Film? Ask the Director.

John McTiernan provides an answer that might not satisfy anyone

Die Hard is not a Christmas film
Director John McTiernan now argues "Die Hard" is a Christmas film; star Bruce Willis disagrees
20th Century-Fox/Getty Images

I’ll admit, I fell for the “Die Hard is a Christmas movie” argument once. And two weeks and a lot of thought later, I realized I was wrong.

Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film, and it doesn’t matter that the film’s director now says otherwise.

As reported by NME, filmmaker John McTiernan discussed the movie’s holiday legacy in 12-minute video posted by the American Film Institute.

Even while arguing that Die Hard is a Christmas classic, he admits it, well, wasn’t. “We hadn’t intended it to be a Christmas movie, but the joy that came from it is what turned it into a Christmas movie,” he says, apparently trying to argue both sides during a rather rambling dissection of the film (along with a side argument about not compromising with evil).

While an iconic action film director, McTiernan (Predator, The Hunt for Red October) has spent time in prison on wiretapping charges. And he directed the Rollerball remake. Can we trust him?

Besides, Bruce Willis already said Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film. So, case closed.

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