Huckberry’s Whiskey Peaks Glassware Is on Sale, And They Make for a Perfect Gift

Pick up the topographically-themed glasses, decanters and beer steins at a discount

Updated December 6, 2022 12:43 pm
A Whiskey Peaks glass with booze in it. The glassware is on sale at Huckberry.
This gift rocks.

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Taking the idea of a rocks glass literally: Whiskey Peaks. These are handblown glasses and decanters with raised topographic impressions of the world’s most well-known mountains (as well as the Grand Canyon and, randomly, a giant wave crashing). And right now, these glasses are under $40 at Huckberry.

These glasses feature the glorious peaks of Half Dome, Denali, Everest, Mt. Rainer and Mt. Kilimanjaro (among others) within a 100% lead-free vessel that’s lighter than glass but just as durable. Plus, each glass offers up slight variations, since they’re all made by hand.

Beyond the classic tumblers, the company also offers up beer glasses, beer steins and whiskey decanters with like-minded topographic designs, also on sale.

Though, an important PSA before you buy: Depending on your style preferences, be sure to check if the set of Whiskey Peak glasses you’re eyeing is made with single-walled or double-walled glass. The Rockies, for example, will appear thick and bulkier since they’re crafted from a more durable, double-walled glass. Whereas this set of American mountain ranges will feel thinner and have a more refined appearance.


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