Deal: Build Up Your Home Bar With 70% Off Cocktail-Making Tools

Bar spoons, mixing glasses and shakers are all on sale at W&P Design

W&P Design Stirred Cocktail Kit
Does your home bar have a bar spoon? Strainer? Mixing glass? Get it all on sale at W&P Design.
W&P Design

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The past few weeks, you, like everyone else on the internet apparently, have probably watched Stanley Tucci make cocktails. In doing so, you may have discovered two things: 1) yes, it is possible to get ripped at 59 and 2) your home bar is lacking a few important tools. 

Since most of us are at home more and, if not drinking more, at least paying more attention to what we’re imbibing, you’d do well to pick up a few things at W&P Design where home bar essentials are up to 70% off during a spring cleaning sale.

To be clear, not all of it is worthy of a place next to that Scotch you splurged on back in March. But when the deals are good, they’re really good: The Stirred Cocktail set, which has everything you don’t have, including a bar spoon, strainer, mixing glass, and extra large ice tray, is down from $70 to just $21; the Mason Shaker Set, which adds a shaker, jigger and muddler, is cut from $69 to $20.70; the large Cocktail Carafe and smaller Mixing Glass are just $10 each; and the admittedly cheesy, but kind of cool in black and white, Pineapple Cocktail Shaker is going for just $15.

They throw in free shipping on orders over $50, so go ahead and build up that bar. Be like Tucci.


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