Where to Go Dancing in LA Right Now

Get down on the city's premier dance floors

June 11, 2024 6:36 am
Two young women at Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco in Los Angeles, USA, circa 1974.
Partygoers dancing at Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco in Los Angeles, circa 1974
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There’s never a shortage of great places to dance in Los Angeles. Not only is it a thriving nightlife city with its fair share of clubs and venues, but there are plenty of bars with dance floors that tend to get just as packed every night of the week. LA might be the film and TV capital of the world, but it also has a musical history that rivals the greats. And wherever there’s an excellent music scene, dancing isn’t too far away. Here are some of our picks for the best places to get your groove on in LA. 

Blind Barber's speakeasy-style bar room, hidden behind a fully functional barber shop
Blind Barber’s speakeasy-style bar room, hidden behind a fully functional barber shop
Blind Barber

Blind Barber

Culver City 

One of the best spots for hip-hop in the city, Blind Barber has a reputation for DJs that really know what a West Coast audience loves. For anyone who’s a fan of the speakeasy feel, entering through the fully functioning barber shop before getting into the club itself will be one of the highlights. With multiple locations around the city — the original spot is in Culver City with another satellite venue out in Highland Park — Blind Barber is my top pick for anyone who wants the club feel without all the rigamarole of a dress code and bottle service. 

10797 Washington Blvd, Culver City

Gold Line

Highland Park

If you visit the Blind Barber in Highland Park, make sure Gold Line is on your list as a pre-game or a nightcap spot. The bar’s massive vinyl collection and connection to West Coast hip-hop legend Peanut Butter Wolf (of Stone’s Throw Records) means a vintage jukebox and real turntables keep the place packed full of music lovers. Don’t be surprised if the bar’s back half turns into a dance floor when the right DJ set is playing — but if you want to grab a drink and bust a few moves in the front half of the bar, no one will bat an eye at that, either. Just keep in mind that because the spot is run by local legends, it tends to fill up very fast most nights, so early or late is the best time to go.

5607 N Figueroa St



One of the oldest bars in Los Angeles, Townhouse is great for a day drink on a weekend or a happy hour moment almost any day of the week. But downstairs on the weekends, the basement venue becomes a home to some of the best DJ nights in the city. If you’re out and about on the west side, roll through for the chance to sweat and dance the night away. Pro-tip: if you’re looking for even more live music, supper club Winston House is just across the street. 

52 Windward Ave, Venice

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Los Globos


Los Globos has long prided itself on offering the most robust international music programming in Southern California. With a massive, sprawling space right on Sunset Blvd and years of incredible bookings to back up their reputation, there’s literally no chance you won’t hit a frenetic dance party if you head here. Check the schedule because they feature everything from Reggaeton to house music to drag nights. There’s something for everyone, and if you’re looking to branch out a little outside your comfort zone, this is also the place to do it because they book the best of the best, no matter the genre. 

3040 Sunset Blvd

Desert 5's mesa-inspired, rooftop seating area
Desert 5’s mesa-inspired, rooftop seating area
Desert 5 Spot

Desert 5 Spot


Country fans, unite! Seriously, if that Joshua Tree, western-chic, throwback ‘90s country radio vibe is your jam (or you just really love line dancing), then this rooftop bar at the Tommie Hotel is the right atmosphere for your weekend dance moves. If you plan ahead, you might be able to score a dance lesson or two — and even if country music rules the roost here, there’s still plenty of other musical moments mixed in most nights. Plus, the drinks are great, and the location right on the edge of Los Feliz and Hollywood makes it an excellent central place to meet up with friends from all over the city. 

1516 Selma Ave

Gold Diggers

East Hollywood

Easily one of the coolest venues in the city, Gold Diggers is something of a hidden gem — even for a lot of locals — because of its somewhat unusual location between Larchmont and East Hollywood. Though it’s a formal music venue that books plenty of artists for live performances (and even more private shows for music industry types), tons of dance parties go down here, too. Check the schedule to make sure it’s not a concert or a private event and head over for strong drinks and laidback, east side vibes. Fun fact: there’s also a recording studio in the back, so you never know who might roll through the bar after finishing up a session. And, if you get too tired from all that moving, there’s also a hotel built in. They’ve got everything. 

5632 Santa Monica Blvd

The Let's Go's floral-decorated bar space and integrated dance floor
The Let’s Go’s floral-decorated bar space and integrated dance floor
Cannon Schmidt/The Salty Shutters

The Let’s Go! Disco & Cocktail Club

Arts District

While downtown LA does have a couple of actual clubs, it’s way more fun to get an incredible cocktail and the Let’s Go Disco and hit the floor without dealing with a pushy doorman and underage kids trying to sneak in. The Let’s Go Disco is a cocktail bar and club for adults who prefer natural wine and Martinis to a vodka soda but still want to let loose and actually move a little. You will not be disappointed here because the drinks are incredible and the vibes are immaculate. Even your friend who never dances will probably be coaxed to get into it here — that’s how comfortable and welcoming the environment is.

710 4th Pl

The Friend Bar


If you’ve ever popped into this tiny pink and green spot on Hyperion Avenue early in the night, it might shock you to learn that such a mild-mannered bar and cafe turns into one of the most packed, sweatiest dance floors in the city after dark. Come early for snacks and a spritz and stake out your spot on the floor while the DJ sets up. Once it gets late in the evening, this place is standing room only and rivals any club in the area. 

2611 Hyperion Ave



One of the best parts about Zebulon is the ability to hang out in multiple spaces once you’re inside. There’s the cozy, dark front room where you can sit at tables or the bar and grab a drink; the dance floor in the back, where a disco ball illuminates the crowd; or the very spacious patio, where you can smoke, gossip and take a break from the noise inside. Though it has more of a bar and restaurant vibe during the week, this is a great spot — if not the spot — to see and be seen on the east side once the weekend hits.  

2478 Fletcher Dr

Cub Tee Gee 

Atwater Village

Another space with options for the evening, Tee Gee has a chill front room that’s separate from the packed dance floor, so you can pick your poison. Make sure to tip your bartenders well, and you will be rewarded — their memories are long, and complimentary shots tend to show up for those who understand the value of great service. This place gets better and better the later it gets, so if you start the night somewhere else, plan to end it at Club Tee Gee. 

3210 Glendale Blvd

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s


Another speakeasy-style spot, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s is a must-visit for anyone who is visiting or new to LA. You’ll make your way through a vintage refrigerator to get inside what looks to be a tricked-out ‘70s-era party house, complete with orange and brown decor, old school furniture and DJs that are channeling funk and soul from that decade. There’s also a substantial backyard, complete with food trucks where you can take a break from the music. Try to get here early to avoid the line — this is the kind of place everyone wants to be every single weekend.

1611 N El Centro Ave


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