American Airlines Expands Into Home Wine Delivery

Could your next favorite wine come from an airline?

American Airlines
Your new wine boutique takes flight.
Arpingstone/Creative Commons

The 21st century has been a time where businesses have diversified. Tesla makes electric cars and flamethrowers (in a manner of speaking); Red Bull sells energy drinks and owns successful soccer and Formula 1 teams. So the news that a major airline is venturing into Drizly’s territory might seem surreal on the surface, it’s less bizarre than it first seems.

CNN brings news that American Airlines has begun selling its wine to a non-flying audience. As Jackie Wattles writes, there are very pragmatic reasons for that — flights aren’t exactly crowded these days, and alcohol has been banned on many of them due to pandemic concerns. Thus, the new program, called American Airlines Flagship Cellars.

Wattles writes that the new program’s name alludes to the “Flagship” tickets available on some American fights, which do seem to offer a comfortable flying experience. The wines being sold as part of the new program are what had been selected for this group of business-class seats. The wine can be purchased by the bottle or case, or via a subscription plan.

All told, it doesn’t seem like the strangest idea for American to put one foot in the wine-selling sphere. And if you’ve missed air travel, having a glass of the wine you might have had on your next trip might be the next best thing.

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