The Buckingham Palace of Tiny Homes Is Here

King-size bed, eight-person dinner table and bathtub included

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

“Build small, live large.”

Said no Texan ever.

Over in Tennessee, however, it’s the motto behind New Frontier Tiny Homes, makers of resplendent microhomes that challenge the notion that to live in a tiny space, you need to live minimally.

For proof, look no further than their Alpha-1 cabin, which comes fully kitted out with high-end amenities and appliances, including a king-sized memory foam bed and a full-size tub in the bathroom.

All that and there’s still enough floor space left over to do your morning stretches  — unless you want to take that outside to the pull-out deck.

Smaller than an average master bedroom at 240 square feet, the Alpha cabin shows that it is possible to live in the lap of luxury without excess.

As is necessary with all microhomes, there are hidden gems scattered throughout: A massive eight-person dining table pulls out from under the kitchen floor for entertaining. There’s a dishwasher and all-in-one washing machine. There’s a bunch of shelves and storage in the lofted bedroom.

And the less hidden gem: the custom-built 8 x 9′ glass garage door opens the space up to its surroundings and gives a ton of light to every nook and cranny.

It’s not exactly cheap, but maxing out at $95k for the fully stocked rig, it’s still relatively affordable as far as houses go. And skimping on some of those features will reduce the ticket price by several thousand dollars.

Just don’t hit your head getting out of bed.

All images via New Frontier Tiny Homes

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