This Furniture Collection Can Be Configured 25+ Ways

Your living room doesn't have this many tricks up its sleeves

August 10, 2018 9:00 am

We’ve all used our furniture in unexpected ways — pretty much everything in my apartment has doubled as a makeshift desk or footrest — but it’d be nice to have a few pieces with built-in versatility.

Enter Varia. This mix-and-match collection is essentially six furniture pieces that can be rearranged into 25 different uses.

The core sections are two sizes of steel frame (21” or 28”) and assorted solid wood tops (walnut, beech) which can be utilized together as end tables, dining room tables, bed frames, desks and more. All the accessories are interchangeable on and off the frames, and you don’t need tools — everything pretty much pops or slides in and out.

Plus, pre-orders at certain levels allow you to help vote and decide on future pieces. For one frame and one top, prices start at $199, with delivery expected in February.

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