Upgrade Your Kitchen

In 10 easy pieces

By The Editors
September 9, 2015 9:00 am

A kitchen is only as stylish as the things it keeps. Here, a dozen ways to up your game — guaranteed to impress even if the food doesn’t (they’ll help with that part, too, though).

1. Heirloom Cabinetry by Elliot Stith

Every kitchen needs an heirloom cabinet. This is one for the 21st century, with clean lines and handsome interior accents, courtesy of local woodworker Elliot Stith.

2. Selvedge Aprons by GDS

GDS makes aprons for some of the best brands in the area, including Three Babes Bakeshop and The Mill, and their first line of direct-to-consumer cooking bibs are now available for preorder. She’s gonna like the way you look in an apron. Trust.

3. Wave Bowl by Little Mesa Pottery

Made from Death Valley clay, these are hand-thrown bowls meant to recall the environment around Bolinas, from West Marin maker Geoff Evans. Good for cereal; good for storing matchboxes and other knickknacks around the house.

4. Ceramic Coffee Cone

How to achieve a superior cup of coffee? With a ridged surface to prevent oversteeping. Handmade by Sarah Kersten in Berkeley.

5. Spatula by Steer and Arbor

Dani Padgett and Maverick Watson work together as the Oakland-based Steer and Arbor. They make hearty kitchen utensils that don’t lack for function, like this spatula crafted from ash and oiled with handmade beeswax and mineral oil.

6. Fermentation Jar by Sarah Kersten

The pickling vessel your canning grandfather could only have dreamed of — and the quickest way to 100% homemade probiotics. Yes, you can.

7. Measuring Spoons by Windy Chien

A former filmmaker and designer on Apple’s iTunes and app store, Windy Chien now makes peerless modern measuring spoons in a variety of sizes. Check out her para-cord dogleashes while you’re there.

8. Cork + Wood Cheeseboard

Melanie Abrantes seamlessly mixes cork and walnut for this handy, functional cheese plate. And every man should abide by the cheese plate — aka how to make it look you put effort into making dinner without actually putting any effort into making dinner.

9. Luca Jackson Tea Towels

Tea towels: a step above the paper towel (and better for the Ma Earth). Especially when said tea towel is hand-printed by CCA grad Luca Jackson.

10. Maple Board by Hendley Hard Goods

A spalted maple cutting board with a hole — useful for hooking, but also intended to reference a magic eye.

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