Might This Be the Most Beautiful Hiking Shelter in the World?

She's easy-to-access and worthy of a trip across the globe

December 22, 2016 9:00 am

We see you, Slovenia, hoarding all the glorious Alpine hiking cabins for yourself.

First it was a bell-shaped beaut that had us musing for an extended off-grid foray. Now these next-level snaps of a former WWI bunker-cum-cabin come across our desk and we’re supposed to just sit here and not daydream of your crisp, starry nights?

Overhauled by Slovenian firm Premica Architects, this former bunker situated in Triglav National Park rides a fine balance between history and modern offering os a local, functional respite for travelers looking for shelter. 

Making it beautiful … well, that was just fun.

The weather up in the Slovenian Alps can be as severe as the landscape, requiring outdoorsmen, particularly those of the early 20th century (pre-Gore-Tex days), to seek protection beyond a tent. The simplicity of amenities in the bunker stay true to the traditional prefab hiking cabins in the region, but the warm, finished wood interior offers a cozy counterpoint to the otherwise sparse offerings.

Pre-helicopter, the bunker took a massive amount of manpower and supply roads to construct. Now, just the concrete base remains, serving as the foundation for the architects unusual addition, which was prefabricated in the valley below and flown in over 20 equally heavy loads.

The asymmetry protects against wind and encourages snow shedding so the structure doesn’t get overloaded. The one modern piece of tech on board, besides the engineering, is a solar panel that is strong enough to power a single light.

One thing that has remained intact in the century-old original structure are the hundreds of supply routes and hiking paths that make traversing the area relatively safe (it’s still the Alps, though). 

Easy to get there, sure. But running water? Nope. Toilet? Fifty feet thataway. 

Hey, they can’t make it too comfortable, or else everyone would come and visit. 

Images via Anze Cokl

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