The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Homes You Can Buy Right Now

From Neverland Ranch to Nixon’s old stomping ground

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September 3, 2015 9:00 am
The 10 Most Expensive U.S. Homes You Can Buy Right Now
Marc Angeles

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson pulled the wool over poor little Napoleon Bonaparte’s shifty, war-mongering eyes to the tune of 828,000 square miles. He paid him $15 million bucks (or about 42 cents an acre, adjusting for inflation). Nowadays, that kinda kitty will get you … exactly 2-3 homes on this list of 10 of the most expensive homes for sale in America right now. Some were (unsurprisingly) owned by white collar criminals. Some were owned by eccentric playboys. Some — or at least one (Neverland Ranch) — was owned by both.

10. 3100 Gordon Dr. Naples, Florida – $68,000,000

Former home of industrialist Randal Bellestri, who is currently in federal prison for tax fraud, this 15,996 square foot estate is up for $68M. The opulence within? Straight out of Louis XVI’s playbook.

Listed by John R. Wood Properties

9. Oak Spring Farm, Upperville, Virginia – $70,000,000

What does 2,000 acres get you? In the case of Oak Spring Farm in , a runway for your plane. Because when you live in a $70M home, yes, you arrive by plane. The rolling hills on the property also once played home to Kentucky Derby winner Sea Hero.

Listed by Washington Fine Properties, LLC

8. 901 N. Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills, California – $72,000,000

Once owned by Saudi Sheik Mohammed al Fassi, this 28,000 square-footer played backdrop to the Steve Martin film The Jerk. The Sheik painted the property’s statuary flesh tones, complete with colored-in pubic hair. Taste knows no income bracket.

Listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

7. 4100 Calle Isabella, San Clemente, California – $75,000,000

Richard Nixon’s former home sits on five acres, has nine bedrooms across 15,000 square feet and is near one of the best breaks on the Gold Coast. Whether Tricky Dick actually surfed is doubtful. But damn, he had a classy pad.  

Listed by HOM Sotheby’s International Real Estate

6. 1101 Marine Drive, Laguna Beach, California – $75,000,000

Twin Points gets its name from having two cliffs that jut out from the property to create a private cove on some of the clearest waters along the California coast. Add to that grand terraces and a ton of window space and you’ve got some of the best day-to-night views in the state.

Listed by HOM Sotheby’s International Real Estate

5. 1071 N. Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, Florida – $84,500,000

This $84.5 million mansion is still under construction, but when it’s finished it’ll have a pub, a library, a bowling alley, an eight-car garage, a massage parlor, and, of course, bedrooms fit for a king.

Listed by Christian Angle Real Estate

4. 10250 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California – $85,000,000

La Maison du Soleil has a Moroccan bathhouse on its 30,000-square-foot premises. It also has an unobstructed vista of Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles in the backyard. There are tennis courts, a movie theater and enough bedrooms for 17 people. Flip through the slideshow; salivate; repeat.

Listed by The Agency

Photo Credit: Marc Angeles

3. 10000 Hollow Way Road, Dallas, Texas – $100,000,000

Among the oldest estates on this list, the Original Crespi Estate was built in 1938 and underwent a tremendous restoration in 2003. You can really get a sense of the weight of this home from the images of its grand rooms. They really don’t make them like this anymore.

Listed by Allie Beth Allman

2. 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, California – $100,000,000

All jokes aside, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is kind of perfect for kids. There are trees to climb, tons of ponds for swimming and enough green space to host a Civil War reenactment. No word on whether they’ve successfully exorcised the Ghost of MJ, unfortunately.

Listed by Hilton & Hyland

Photo by Jim Bartsch

1. 9505 Lania Lane, Beverly Hills, California – $195,000,000

The drive from the road to the house at Palazzo di Amore is a mile long. It’s spread over 25 acres. Billed as the most expensive real estate listing currently available in the U.S., it comes with a spa, tennis courts and a vineyard that’ll yield a small fortune — assuming you can invest a very large one.

Listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Main Image Photo Credit: Marc Angeles

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