For Sale: Tommy Hilfiger’s Immaculately Mown Connecticut Colonial

Great lawn for an, ahem, POLO match

July 30, 2018 9:00 am

A thought: looking over a fashion designer’s home and not pairing it with one of his or her stylistic creations would be a wasted opportunity.

If we were to match Tommy Hilfiger’s Greenwich, Connecticut, retreat with an article of clothing, it would probably be a soft cotton button-down with sky blue stripes. Something like this. A nod to relaxed East Coast prep, equally game for a Saturday afternoon BBQ or sitting by the pool with an engrossing novel.

But enough with the J. Peterman-ing.

Hilfiger’s home, now on the market for a couple hundred Gs under $7M, is a five-acre lot known colloquially as “Appleyard.” It flaunts a simple, effective aesthetic. Big home, big pool, bigger backyard. Greens and blues and whites, all the way down.

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The house, which may or may not have the most windows in Connecticut, hosts seven beds, seven-and-a-half baths, a solarium, a terrace, a movie theater and a music studio with walls covered in guitars. French doors, cobblestone and polished wood feature heavily throughout. It’s clean, it’s fresh and somehow old and respectful at the same time, it’s got a tennis court, and if you feel the spirit move within you, it could be yours. 

Find more info on the listing here. Otherwise, go pick up that shirt. You deserve it. 

All images from Compass

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