Can a House Be Both Off-Grid and Have Wifi? It Appears So.

Meet the Space, aka Schrodinger's smart house

June 8, 2018 9:00 am

In a somewhat perplexing development, off-grid housing is about to go fully modern. (And none too-soon, because all this talk of which compostable toilet to choose was really cramping our #summerhousegoals.)

Meet The Space, by Stockholm-based IO House. The Space doesn’t require external sewage, electrical or water systems to be installed — it’s all in there. The Space merely requires land (even heating and ventilation are integrated into the design, so they say).

Maybe you’re not ready to move the 2.5 kiddos and dog in full-time, but consider The Space an ideal summer home, or perhaps second home contender. You don’t even have to pack the Coleman — the kitchen’s got a gas cooker, water purifier and other high-end appliances.

IO House (4 images)

Elsewhere in the house: wood, wool, glass and metal are the main materials, limiting synthetics and maintaining coherence with IO House’s intended modern aesthetics that are closer to “a luxury super yacht” (their words) than your family’s fourth-gen fishing cabin.

And about that smartphone connectivity: also included are a weather system, TV and wifi connectivity, stereo, GPS,  a security system and more.

So … Technically off grid? You’ll still be pinging cell phone towers, but which ones you ping is pretty much up to you.

While the only photos we have so far are renderings, IO appears to be taking orders. Inquire for pricing here.

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