You Need Exactly Zero Acres of Land to Buy This House

It's got a hot tub. And a sauna. And a roof deck.

September 7, 2016 9:00 am

Due to headlines like this (“Since Moving His Houseboat, He’s Dealt with Drones and Poop”), some folks tend to regard houseboats as nothing more than rundown shanties that float.

But on behalf of all houseboaters past, present and future, one German design firm is hoping to change that perception — with a line of buoyant penthouses whose good looks will add nothing but property value to ports around the world.

A collaboration between an engineering expert and a master of interior design, the Rev Houseboat brings all the luxuries of a deluxe home or apartment (fireplace, hot tub, sauna, heated floors ) to a mobile aquatic mansion that can go fully off-the-grid when called upon.   

Made to meet the highest standards for design, quality and durability, each fully customizable Rev comes standard with a 1,076-square-foot rooftop terrace and 20-year warranty on the hull.

With add-on options like underwater lighting, solar panels, filtered drinking water, a sewage system and a motorization package, each Rev House is uniquely designed “with each client in order to create their own perfect lifestyle solution.”

“For many people, living close to the water represents improved quality of life, but waterfront lots are limited and expensive,” company cofounder Lars Voigt told Superior Magazine. “Houseboats, on the other hand, are usually very simple constructions that offer little comfort. The solution is Rev House.”

The boats go for around $520,000 and can be delivered all over the world.

Your move, cap’n.

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