The Listings: Rooms With a View

5 for-sale Bay Area dream homes, from $179K to $40M

November 13, 2018 9:00 am

The Listings covers the best of Bay Area real estate, in all its wild glory. This month: rooms with a view all up and down the price spectrum, from a Mendocino starter spot for under $200K to the rare S.F. home that breaks the $40M mark.

Every once in a while, an S.F. home cracks the $40 million mark.

We’ve got a new one: a five-bedroom, Architectural Digest star in Pac Heights, which just came on the market for $40 million.

One of its key attributes? That view of the Golden Gate.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend $40 million to get a look at the bridge from your dining room.

Here, four dream homes with killer views — and one for a dreamer, in the lowest of low six figures (it begins with a “1”).

40M (7 images)

Property: 2950 Green
Price: $40 million
Vibe: Did you just watch the last season of House of Cards? This is definitely where Bill and Annette Shepherd would live, if they dared live in California. Also, a games room that looks very appropriate for plotting world domination.
Standout view: The Golden Gate.
Added bonus: This five-bed home was featured in a 2006 issue of Architectual Digest: “Metamorphosis on the Bay.”

Francisco St (10 images)

Property: 898 Francisco Street
Price: $10.95 million
Vibe: If you’re spent any time on Russian Hill (our favorite of all the San Francisco hills) you know the housing stock gets a little … dramatic. This Tudor Revival is a prime example. You need to click through the slideshow to see all the Tudor references — it’s basically Game of Thrones on Francisco Street.
Standout view: Take your pick, from virtually every room in the place, thanks to its location on a corner lot.
Added bonus: For an additional $3 million, you can grab an adjacent 40’X60’ lot on Hyde Street.

3425 (7 images)

Property: 34 25th Avenue
Price: $7.985 million
Vibe: Sea Cliff mansion with an unbelievable amount of outdoor space — including a yard with actual trees.
Standout view: Click through the slideshow for the view of the Headlands from the balcony. There can be no more impressive feature.
Added bonus: You can park as many as five cars here, in the two-car garage and then three more in the driveway.

Marina (7 images)

Property: 655 Marina Boulevard
Price: $5.35 million
Vibe: You’ll either love the Marina Boulevard location or hate it — depends how much you like being right next to the water.
Standout view: The Golden Gate through the St. Francis Yacht Club, from both the living room and one of the five bedrooms.
Added bonus: You’d never guess from the front that there’s a gorgeous secret garden through the back. Doesn’t sound like much? There’s enough space for a pond.

Property: 31801 S Highway 1, Gualala
Price: $179,000
Vibe: What could you do with 6 acres of land, just east of Highway 1, with “the potential for dramatic ocean views?” Build up, young man!
Standout view: The wild and wooly Pacific
Added bonus: “Many mature trees and large boulders.”

Images via Michael King Estate; Zillow

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