Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including Fallout Shelters

Oh, yours doesn't have ziplines and polo fields? Good luck.

November 16, 2016 9:00 am

Everything’s bigger in Texas (even quarterback controversies).

Clichéd though that expression may be, we’ve found it holds true more often than not. Even when it comes to fallout shelters.

About 60 miles outside of Dallas, construction has begun on a “private resort community” called Trident Lakes that will provide its residents with “luxury life assurance” and offer an “ultimate safe haven” if a doomsday scenario should ever occur.

With outdoor amenities like ziplines, helipads, polo fields, a golf course, equestrian center, spa, gun ranges, stores and restaurants, the five-star resort community will rest on top of a network of 400 mostly underground condos equipped with blast-proof doors that have airlocks.

Surrounded by a 12-foot-tall wall, the 700-acre resort will be able to accommodate up 1,600 people and provide “family sustainability” — as in: Trident Lakes will even have a vault to store DNA.

“You can take DNA and preserve it, where if something should happen, then technology down the road could take DNA and replicate a person,” Trident Lakes spokesman Richie Whitt told The Associated Press. “It’s kind of science fiction-y but it’s also not that far in the future.”

The $300 million development — which is currently installing a 50-foot marble statue and fountain honoring Poseidon at a cost of $3.4 million — is charging a pretty penny for providing “DEFCON 1 preparedness”: earth-covered homes on the property could start at $500,000.

Though the first round of houses are being offered almost exclusively to athletes and celebrities, Trident is taking applications for its waiting list and plans to open at least partially by early 2018.

Here’s the tour:

A quick glance at what’s to come here at Trident Lakes.

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