Let’s Take a Moment to Appreciate Telluride’s ‘Sunset Ridge’

12k square feet. Sleeps 18.

December 14, 2017 9:00 am

If not your next home (got $28 million?), Sunset Ridge in Telluride, CO deserves consideration for your next phone background.

The nearly 12,000-square-foot, 21st-century castle sits on 35 acres at the feet of the Rocky Mountains. It’s basically Aspen designer and architect Bill Poss’ alpine answer to Ex Machina’s futuristic forest dwelling.

The house can accomodate 18 people in its seven bedrooms and eight full bathrooms (plus two half baths). For fun and just to really hammer it home that you are in fact in heaven, there is a sauna, a theatre, a spa and the new world record for windows, probably.

Elsewhere on the property, a pond, and out yonder … clouds flirting with craggy peaks and woods wrapped around winding creeks. Again, heaven.

When and if you tire of near-total seclusion, Sunset Ridge is part of the Gray Head community, and includes access to tennis courts, fishing, ski valet and an ice rink, which is good for meeting the neighbors.

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