This Retro-Future TV Set Is Only a Concept, but Still

1960s style. Modern tech. Yes, please.

November 27, 2017 9:00 am

Look, we love the new world of 4K, 80-inch color TVs. The aesthetic behind these smart sets, however, leaves a lot to be desired.

So, much like our favorite record consoles of today look to the past for inspiration (while packing in modern tech), we think modern TVs could use a little retro flair. So, too, thinks the Korean design studio PDF Haus, which just released a new concept of the Teleavia P111 Retro TV, a future-inspired set from 1966 originally crafted by French designer Roger Tallon to “revolutionize the shape of TV sets.”

Teleavia (4 images)

Now rounder and sleeker, the reboot features a leather handle, more subtle controls moved to the base of the screen and a variety of present-day ports (HDMI, USB, etc.) in the back. There’s also a remote control and speakers in both the front and back of the set.

Yet, it’s still plastic, and it evokes the pleasant, “future” ideal of its ’60s origins.

Either way, we’d certainly have it front and center in our living room.

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