Today in House Porn: A Simple Wooden Cabin and Nothing More

Must like fragrant air, buzzing critters, fire pits

April 26, 2017 9:00 am

Call us old fashioned, but we hope that despite the smart homes, smart phones and Blue Apron deliveries we rely on M-F, that there could be somewhere in the wild to retire to from time to time.

A place at the end of a long drive from anywhere, where little changes from day to day and the days are as long and full as you want them to be.

Right now the dream appears to reside in the Wooden House by Studio PIKAPLUS. The diminutive vacation home as a building so captures the spirit of summer holidays that it actually won Slovenia’s second-place award for best wooden construction last year.

Pikaplus (5 images)

The specs: 880-square feet, two upstairs bedrooms, a spacious bathroom with a built-in sauna. A warm, open kitchen with just enough space for an intimate dinner. A wall of windows opening to the meadow. The ideal spot for the young family who commissioned it to spend their summer holidays together.

Pikaplus 2 (4 images)

In deference to the stunning surrounds, the designers sought a quiet, unobtrusive build that seemed at home in its clearing by the woods. A dark, sturdy metal facade protects from the elements, and interior, lined with unfinished timber in contrast, is warm and light, with a heavy presence of natural materials throughout.

Images: Miha Bratina

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