Your Favorite New Campsite Is Also a Secret Cliff-Diving Outpost

Go from deep Zs to deep dives in a moment's notice

May 1, 2017 9:00 am

Camping setups generally lie on a spectrum from roughing it (A-frame tent and cans of beans) to glamping (elegant multi-room quarters à la Harry Potter).

But for those that want the simplicity of a small space and the luxury of prime real estate, there’s the Dream/Dive.

Aptly named, the structure is half hut, half cantilevered diving board. Thus the dreaming, then the diving. Canadian design team Studio North constructed the utilitarian campsite out of both salvaged materials — think an old deck post and boat oar — and new 2x4s. With some of the details outlined on their website, it looks like you’ve got your DIY project for the summer.

Dream/Dive (4 images)

Worried about sleeping in the midst of the elements? The team designed a waxed canvas tarp to roll out over the top and partway down the sides. The wood frame is also covered in screens, so while campers may hear insects, they won’t get sucked dry.

The only thing that would seal the deal is a rope swing attached to the end of the diving board. Go to sleep in your swimsuit, wake up start your day with a swing-into-swan-dive. As they write on their website, it “replaces the need for coffee in the morning!”

While the project was completed a couple years ago, Studio North shows it’s held up fine through the Ontario winters. Once the lake thaws, it’s cowabunga time.

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