The Swiss Army Knife People Are Making Furniture Now

Is it multifunctional? Um, does a bear s*it in the woods?

September 12, 2016 9:00 am

Ever heard of a little invention called the Swiss Army knife? The one with the iconic red cross emblazoned on the side and like 16 more tools than you were expecting ingeniously cached inside?

Of course you have. It’s the flagship product of Victorinox, a 132-year old Swiss company that revolutionized what it meant to be an efficient outdoorsman.

Now the heritage company has turned its attention to something altogether less rugged: your living room.

The company approached designer Stephen Kenn to collaborate on a series of upgrades to three household essentials: a desk, a chair and a storage column. Heretofore, these objects have been pretty unifunctional, but after getting the Swiss Army treatment, they’re anything but.

To wit …

The Stepladder Chair
A powder-coated steel frame supports sturdy, vegetable-tanned leather. Pivot the sling seat to access the step ladder hidden within.

The Convertible Desk
Reconfigure the legs to make this a coffee table or work desk as you please. The drafting board top opens to reveal a storage space without the bulkiness of drawers. Altogether, a surprisingly minimal package given the various use cases.

The Storage Column
Basically an all-in-one-storage solution you won’t want to hide away in the backroom. The Storage Column is your full-length mirror, bookshelf, whiteboard and storage bin … at the same time. Each unit spins for independent access from any side.

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