Technicolor Glamping Playground, Right This Way

The tents are inspired by rocks, mountains and fireflies

June 22, 2018 9:00 am

Glamping: love it, hate it, dig the practice but dislike the word (guilty) … wherever you fall, it’s all here to stay.

Which means it’s no longer just about the creature comforts — queen beds are practically prerequisites now — it’s also about the vibe, the location, an unparalleled commitment to offering quarters strange, unlikely, or at very least picture-worthy.

And slotting in as well as anyone on that scale? The newly opened SJCC Resort, an alternative glamping site in Suncheon, South Korea. SJCC is a smattering of iridescent tents dotting a forested mountainside, each twisted in various shapes resembling cubes or cocoons. Conceived by London-based design studio Atelier Chang, each of the 16 units features full-sized beds, equipped baths, soft lighting and lofts. There’s even a restaurant nearby.

SK (6 images)

But the draw here is the tent itself. Each steel frame is raised on a wooden deck (some with stilts) to protect from the terrain, and then wrapped tight with that luminous fabric, which happens to be both fire and tear resistant. Winter winds, summer heat … these things are as battle-tested as they are adorable.

Find more info about staying at the resort here.

Images: Kyungsub Shin


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