The SOD Peak 8×6 Is a Luxury Apartment You Can Take Anywhere

This million-dollar Mercedes-based motorhome is the ultimate glamping machine

High-tech camping van in desert area
The SOD Peak, the latest creation by Stone Offroad Design.
Stone Offroad Design

When you hear the name Mercedes-Benz, your mind is sure to associate it with the brand’s line of luxury automobiles. What most people tend to overlook, particularly here in the states, is that Mercedes also is a producer of commercial vehicles. One of which is the Arocs, a heavy-duty hauler that’s a common sight on European highways. Where it is less often seen is off-road, out in the wilderness, hauling an opulent luxury cabin rather than a dumpster full of gravel. That all changes thanks to the latest creation by Stone Offroad Design.

SOD is a German-based outfitting company that specializes in up-fitting vehicles with superior off-road equipment along with a number of creature comforts that allows adventurers to travel into the great outdoors with a touch of class. This can range from an upgraded Volkswagen camper van to the Arocs-based SOD Peak 8×6, which is less for “glamping” and more for establishing a luxury basecamp in the middle of nowhere.

On the capability side of things, the SOD Peak is built on a four-axel 8×6-wheel drive version of the Arocs that is often fitted with a 15.6-liter inline 6 cylinder engine that can produce around 580 horsepower. Off-road specialists have given the chassis a thorough once-over making it more capable of venturing beyond the Autobahn.

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When it comes to long hauling, comfort equates to safety, so the Aroc’s cabin was already built with creature comforts to keep truck drivers happy, with SOD adding finer touches like quilted seats, improved sound system and premium materials to up the luxury factor. There’s even the option to add an additional TV and color-changing starry sky lights along the cab’s headliner. 

The SOD Peak’s living space is a mini apartment that could easily pass for a single-bedroom unit from a luxury Manhattan complex. It sits inside a 24.6-foot box specially reinforced to endure off-road travel. The motorhome functions thanks to a 150-amp generator connected to a solar system and a freshwater tank with its own heater for maximum comfort off the grid. 

As far as furnishings, the SOD Peak can be fitted with a double bed and additional stacked or fold-out bunks, plus has a kitchen with electric stove, a rain-shower, living space and storage compartments, all of which is done in a contemporary style. To top things off, a retractable platform doubles as a carrier platform for personal vehicles such as ATVs, and as an outdoor grill to cook up meals for campers lounging on the SOD Peak’s foldout mezzanine. 

Granted, all this luxury comes with a price tag to match. We’re looking at nearly $2 million just to get started, which in a way further cements the Manhattan apartment vibe, strangely. Stone Offroad Design does have other wares in case the Peak 8×6 is too pricey, though nothing says “I’ve made interesting choices in my life” more than spending a million bucks to sleep outside. 

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