Today in House Porn: A Coastal Palace With a River Flowing Through It

Swanwick Ranch is for sale, bring your swim trunks

November 20, 2017 9:00 am

Proximity to a body of water is enough to turn a mediocre residence into a covetable one. A flowing river, oceanviews or even man-made pools and hot tubs are a strong counter-argument to underwhelming domestic spaces,

The Swanwick Ranch currently for sale through Sotheby’s has all four of these, but the new owners won’t have to take a stroll through the woods to get to the river — it runs through the house.

Designed by Marko Simcic, the “Canyon River,” as it’s named, is diverted seawater (the 10,700-square-foot house is situated on the Pacific Ocean) that bisects the property and fills a reflecting pool and fountain. But it adds more than aesthetic value: the fabricated stream provides geothermal radiant heating and cooling.

Canyon River House (8 images)

But for a cool $10 million asking price, you’ll get much more than a personal waterway. The six-bedroom, eight-bathroom cantilevered mansion is situated on 67 acres. And that pool and hot tub? They’re covered but open to the outdoors, and it’s through the pool deck that one can access the guest rooms. If you’re less fond of your visitors, you can always put them up in the removed caretaker’s cottage too. 

To cap it off, the property has a few awards under its belt: the Canadian National Architects Award from 2006 and the B.C. Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Architectural and Environmental Design from 2008.

Therein lies the only catch: it’s in Canada. Metchosin, British Columbia, to be exact. But if you get homesick for the U.S., don’t fret — standing on the shore one can look out onto Washington State, and it’s just a quick ferry ride away.

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