It’s Always Hot Tub Season With a Wood-Fired Beaut Like This

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July 29, 2016 9:00 am

Last week, we learned that our prayers for a hot tub time machine had finally been answered. Unfortunately, said hot tub was already spoken for, by some guy named Brandon.

So we went off in search of an alternative spot where we could drown our sorrows while partially drowning our bodies.

And we’re happy to tell you the search is over.

The shiny SOAK is a two-person outdoor hot tub that’s made to be heated with a wood fire but can also be hooked up a propane heater. It’s streamlined design blends stainless steel, marine-grade aluminium and red cedar into a handsome setup that measures 7.5 feet long and stands almost three feet tall.

During the creative process, designer Kez Sherwood was driven by “a love of water and fire” as well as a “constant desire for a hot bath,” and those sources of inspiration clearly show trough through.

The $4,450 tubs take up to 10 weeks to produce. And even though they’re based in the U.K., Ox + Monkey is happy to deliver you a SOAK across the pond.


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