This Shuffleboard Table Is So Beautiful It Deserves Its Own Room

No ponies were hurt in the making of these images

May 12, 2017 9:00 am

Known for crafting handsome desks, stunning ping-pong tables and a bar cabinet that would make Don Draper feel all tingly, California craftsman Sean Woolsey has turned his attention to an oft-overlooked piece of furniture: the shuffleboard table.

Woolsey’s take on the barroom classic is anything but as it features a rift-sawn white oak top coated in UV-resistant epoxy resin, black walnut edges, a steel frame and black walnut legs.

Measuring 31 inches tall, the 14-foot-long table’s gutters are lined with a charcoal grey industrial felt and it even includes hidden levelers to keep the playing surface as flat as possible.

Shuffleboard Table (4 images)

It is worth nothing, Woolsey says “no ponies were hurt in the making of these images. They were fed treats.”

Either way, the table ain’t cheap ($14,00). But Woosley will include eight pucks and plenty of table wax for free. Head on over to his website for more details. 

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