Scottish Castle Hotel Features a Drawbridge, Dungeon, Infinity Pools

It's also in China. We can explain.

May 29, 2018 9:00 am

It’s tough to beat to a stay at a Scottish castle. But that’s also been done before.

How about mixing it up with a sojourn to a Scottish castle … in Zhejiang Province, China?

Shanghai-based luxury lifestyle company Naked Group (not a nudist agency, calm down) recently revamped a slipshod castle in China’s Moganshan mountains, sparing few expenses to create a retreat that makes maximum use of its otherworldly environs.

china castle (4 images)

Originally erected by a Scottish doctor in 1910, who’d been in the country on missionary work, the monolithic mountain getaway traded hands a few times before falling into disrepair. That the Naked Group — headed by South African entrepreneur Grant Horsfield — has successfully reimagined the space for today is a testament to Moganshan’s growing popularity as a “Hamptons” for city-weary Shanghainese.

china castle 2 (3 images)

And it’s hard to blame folks for wanting to check out Naked Castle. The compound retains several medieval elements (see: drawbridge, turrets, dungeon) but mixes them effortlessly with fresh digs like infinity pools, gangster-themed suites, veranda views and eco-conscious features like solar panels, geothermal boreholes and water treatment systems. Plus: activities like hiking, mountain biking, fishing and rock climbing.

Find more information on booking options here.


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