Samsung’s 88-Inch TV Costs $20K, and That’s Sort of Reasonable

It's not the most you can spend on a 4K TV, not by a long shot

August 3, 2017 9:00 am

Tipping the scales at 1,763 pounds and measuring 19 feet across and about 22 feet diagonally, the craziest 4K TV you can buy — the C Seed 262 — is excessive, and that’s before your factor in its $577k price tag.

That, of course, is a goddamn mortgage. For the more, um, reasonable consumer, Samsung  just released an 88-inch offering that costs a scant $20,000. So, y’know, pocket change.

The largest QLED TV on the market, Samsung says the Q9 is the only television that’s able to achieve 100 percent color volume and deliver “detailed colors and subtle contrast even at peak brightness” thanks to its integrated metal quantum dot technology. (Basically, quantum dots are a layer of semiconducting crystals between the backlight and LCD screen.)

Extremely thin with an almost imperceptible bezel, the 3,840 x 2,160-resolution Q9 can be accessed via four HDMI ports, Bluetooth and Wifi and controlled using a remote control that can also be paired with other connected devices.

“Our ultra-large QLED TV models embody the perfect combination of technology and art,” said Jongsuk Chu of Samsung Electronics. “With their superior picture quality and innovative features, we are confident that our QLED TV lineup will continue to drive sales.”

If they keep undercutting their ultra-premium TV competitors by $500,000, we’d say they’re well underway. 

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