A New LA Startup Wants to Build You a Secret Clubhouse

Cover uses science to create modish, custom tiny homes

December 11, 2017 9:00 am

The great thing about L.A.: backyards.

The great thing about backyards: you can build a little shack back there.

Or you can let Cover do it.

Cover makes modish, eco-friendly “backyard studios” in a matter of weeks, and they’re now taking custom orders in Los Angeles.

Office, poolhouse, a place to stick in your in-laws — no matter your use case, they’ve got you, ahem, covered.

Here’s how it works:

You go on their site, select a size, and then jot down some particulars about your backyard. This helps Cover plot the ideal location, orientation and building specs.

cover (4 images)

Inside, you’ll select what type of storage you need (everything is built-in to help maximize space) and your desired finish colors. Then an algorithm comes up with a floorplan.

As far as energy goes, the aluminum walls — which are sheathed in wood — radiate heat. You can also add solar power as an additional option.

You approve; they prefabricate, and a crew comes over to get the job done.

All in, the process takes around 16-24 business days.

Try to keep the peace with the in-laws until then.

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