Finally, the Internet of Things Has Yielded Something Useful: Smart Tires

Don't reinvent the wheel, they said

March 15, 2017 9:00 am

The Internet of Things has fully infiltrated the home (filling it with arguably pointless connected wares), so it makes sense that the garage was next. The latest addition to the IoT, and one that appears surprisingly useful? Pirelli’s new smart tires.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Pirelli Connesso is an integrated tire and software platform that allows drivers to access real-time performance information using an app.

Compatible with P Zero and Winter Sottozero models, Connesso relies on embedded sensors to provide information from where the rubber meets the road about all four tires (current status, pressure level, degree of wear) that’s then relayed to the Pirelli Cloud for storage and analysis.

If Pirelli runs the numbers and detects something is amiss, the driver will be alerted via the app and directed to the closest available repair shop so the individual tire can be fixed or replaced. To make the process seamless, the app will also book an appointment at the shop automatically.

The smart tires are launching in the U.S. this summer and once enough data is collected, Pirelli anticipates it will be able to proactively predict how many miles a tire has left before it blows.

In addition to improving safety, Pirelli believes Connesso will help drivers reduce fuel use too.

Finally, rubber with some soul.

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