Good Luck Finding This Secluded Glass House in the Middle of the Forest

If a home can't be seen, does it have curb appeal?

December 6, 2017 9:00 am

They say if you want to build a glass home, you better make sure you have enough room in the budget for curtains. 

That is, unless you build something like the Hidden Pavilion, a steel-glass retreat that’s tucked away (almost literally) into the forest outside of northwest Madrid.

Designed by Penelas Architects, the Hidden Pavilion attempts to engage with the surrounding landscape with a pavilion that allows for new trees to pass through gaps in its terrace and an inclined upper level that slopes to allow an existing 200-year-old oak tree to grow.

Suspended over a waterfall, the secluded home embraces nature outside as well as in. The home’s interior is decked out in cherry, the only material used in the house that isn’t glass or steel. “The project fulfills the desire to build a space for meditation and retreat, a place to Inhabit and to think,” according to the architects. “It is wrapped up in nature, hidden in it, in a way that it is only slightly perceptible.”

Luckily shutterbug Miguel de Guzmán was able to find the hidden gem and snap some pics for posterity. Check ’em out below. 

Hidden House (7 images)

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