How to Catch an Office-Lunch Thief Red-Handed

ADT Security has a plan to stop your local hamburglar

March 29, 2017 9:00 am

A few weeks back, there was a bit of speculation about a certain kitchen appliance’s ability to be used as a surveillance tool. Much to Kellyanne Conway’s dismay, turns out that microwave ovens can’t be used as spy cameras. Had she made the claim about refrigerators, however, she might’ve had a point.

After surveying workers in the UK and finding 29 percent of them had their lunch stolen from the shared office fridge, ADT built a new alarm that catches thieves ham-and-cheese-handed. When a potential thief comes within 20 inches of the alarm, “it takes a high-definition picture and sends the owner an email warning them their property is at risk,” The Guardian reported.

Is this overly paranoid? Probably. Do we want one? You bet your leftovers we do.

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