New on Airbnb: One Zero-Footprint Micro-Cabin in Finland

Get close to nature, leave no trace

July 31, 2018 9:00 am

If a cabin is built in the woods with zero footprint, will it make an impact?

That’s the idea behind Nolla, a new no-footprint cabin on Vallisaari island, about 20 minutes outside of Helsinki, Finland. The tiny hut— Nolla translates to “zero” in Finnish — was designed to have minimal environmental impact, both in CO2 emissions and concrete impact on nature, while still providing a comfy space to unobtrusively enjoy the outdoors.

Created by Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, the tiny Nolla is about the size of a small bedroom. The cabin runs on all renewable energy (solar panels for power, renewable diesel for cooking and heating); even the raft running between the mainland and the island runs on diesel made from 100% waste and residue.

The house is designed to be mobile and doesn’t require heavy machinery to build. In Finland, at least, the impact of Nolla is so minimal you won’t need permit to set one up.

A minimalist cabin doesn’t seem like an ideal summer vacation spot? Look at it through a local’s lens. “What many don’t realize is that Finns are crazy,” notes Neste’s official Instagram video. “This is our idea of a luxury resort.”

If a little nature respite sounds appealing, however, you’ll be able to book Nolla via Airbnb from Aug 3-30. And once you leave … it’ll be like you were never there.

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