Jack’s Beanstalk Has Nothing on These Stackable Cabins

Tell 'em how many you want, they'll do the rest

August 1, 2017 9:00 am

Scarcity influences everything, especially in real estate.

Lacking space? Build up. Want to conserve resources? Build green. Want to keep both of these things in mind? Consider hiring OFIS, because the Slovenian architects just designed this modular, wooden cabin that can be configured a multitude of ways — like stacking in Tetris — depending on your landscape and the direction you want your windows to face.

modular wooden cabin (7 images)

OFIS’ cabins have conical-shaped windows, so you’ll want to consider that (naturally) when planning the layout to maximize views and privacy.

These buildings can be configured horizontally, as well. Two adults will fit in the basic structure, but you can stack up (or out) to meet the needs of six people. The structures are built on steel or a moveable concrete and then framed with timber and wrapped in plywood. If you’re vertically stacking, the bookshelves double as a ladder between floors.

OFIS has one view now, exhibiting as a library at the Ljubljana Castle. Do pop in if you find yourself in Slovenia. Otherwise, hit them up; these blocks are for sale.   

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