Welcome to 98 Square Feet of Pure, Unadulterated Cabin Porn

Wanna get away?

January 11, 2017 9:00 am

The bedroom size of the average American household ranges between 140-150 square feet. The average Canadian bedroom isn’t much different, which is what makes this Micro Cabin so interesting: it’s just 98 square feet, all in.

It’s also self-sustaining with a wood stove for heat and a skylight and big windows for natural daylight — you’ll need a lantern when the sun goes down. Designed by the Canadian architecture firm LEA as a test case, this austere little gem is standing deep in the Ontario woods, unlikely to be bothered by anyone but the birds and bears.

No trees were felled to erect it, making it even more sustainable. To maximize space the bed is lofted (and there’s no sign of a bathroom). It’s just there for a little peace and quiet, something we could likely all use for our Internet-soaked brains right about now. 

Micro Cabin (4 images)

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