Meet the House That Stood Up to Sandy and Katrina

How Deltec Homes designs for tumultuous weather

By The Editors
June 6, 2016 9:00 am

In addition to kicking off the summer movie season, June also marks the beginning of another period with blockbuster potential: Atlantic hurricane season.

With experts predicting a minimum of four major hurricanes during the most active storm season in three years, this could be a rough summer for houses along the East Coast.

That is, unless they were built by a North Carolina-based company called Deltec Homes.

Since Deltec set up shop in Asheville in 1968, the family-owned company has built more than 5,000 hurricane-resistant homes that have withstood the likes of Hurricanes Hugo, Sandy, Katrina, Ivan and Andrew.

The key?

The homes are round and designed to go with flow to work with nature, not against it.

The circular design means hurricane winds can’t create enough pressure on any side to cause a structural failure and the company “the most damage our homeowners have experienced is a few lost roof shingles,” even in the most extreme conditions.

Just one more reason not to be square. Check out how it works below:

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