Maude Makes Sex Essentials for People Who Get Excited by Good Design

Condoms so good-looking you'll wear them for vanity's sake

October 18, 2017 9:00 am

So, you’d like to stock your place with a full complement of sexual supplies — condoms, lubricant, wipes and the like — but your preferred design aesthetic is more Aesop than gas station convenience shop?

Maude has you covered. 

At least, the female co-founded brand will have you covered (pardon the pun because it is legit terrible) by the end of the year, when the New York-based startup expects to begin shipping its goods — which will arrive in “chic, minimalistic packaging” courtesy of Standards Manual co-founder Hamish Smyth. 

Their focus, co-founder Eva Goicochea told J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, is more sexual wellness and health than last-minute protection against … everything. Apparently over-the-top design aesthetics are the province of the sexually unenlightened. Now that’s a consumer poll we’d like to see: Does sexual fluency rise in parallel to a fondness for Helvetica and chic, minimalistic packaging? 

Sign up now and they’ll let you know once the goods start shipping. Until then, just suffer the bad taste and bright colors

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