Mark Zuckerberg Is Buying a Whole Lot of Land on Kauai

The Facebook CEO and his family now own 1,300 acres there

The Hawaiian island of Kauai as seen from above
Mark Zuckerberg just doubled his real estate on Kauai.
Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

The last time Mark Zuckerberg bought land in Hawaii, it didn’t go tremendously well. Zuckerberg and his family bought 700 acres on Kauai for $100 million, and spoke about their love for the island and the community they’d found there. Zuckerberg then sued local landholders to try to force sales of adjoining properties, prompting University of Hawaii law professor Kapua Sproat to refer to the maneuver as “the face of neocolonialism.” Eventually, Zuckerberg backed down.

Recently, however, Zuckerberg and his family increased their holdings on Kauai. The Independent reports that Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan purchased an additional 600 acres on the island.

The transaction involved purchasing three parcels of land from the Waioli Corporation, a nonprofit, for $53 million. The location of the land near Larsen’s Beach is known for its seclusion and scenic views. The Independent also reports that some of the land that was sold to Zuckerberg is currently being leased by a cattle ranch. “[T]he Facebook CEO was quick to say that he does not plan on evicting anyone,” wrote Graeme Massie. Hopefully, in this case, history won’t repeat itself.

Zuckerberg has been nothing if not ambitious with his real estate purchases over the years, and this is no exception. What’s cooler than owning 700 acres in Hawaii? Evidently, owning 1,300 acres in Hawaii.

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