Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wellness Bachelor Pad Is for Sale. WTF Is a Wellness Bachelor Pad?

DiCaprio's elaborate home for the health-conscious proves we know even less about how the stars really live than we thought

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California.
Leonardo DiCaprio may have more money than you, but remember, he's also much healthier than you.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

For some men, a bachelor pad is a man-cavey kind of space where a single, unattached guy can sleep on a mattress on the floor with navy blue sheets, leave his socks lying around and watch sports or whatever it is men want to do when they’re out from under the oppressive thumb of a female partner. If you are eternal bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio, however, your bachelor pad is basically a personal wellness retreat.

The star’s former West Village wellness pad is currently on the market for $8.5 million, the New York Post reports. The 3,673-square-foot, fourth-floor unit where the actor previously resided is one of only six units in New York’s Delos building, which was marketed as the city’s first “wellness building.” So what exactly does living in a wellness building entail?

According to the Post, it means all units feature vitamin C-infused showers, purified air and filtered water, in-duct aromatherapy, “posture supportive” heat reflexology floors, circadian rhythm lighting, bio-based sound insulation and “herbariums” in the open chef’s kitchens. Now, usually when I hear about the lifestyles and dwellings of the rich and famous, I just feel poor, but this particular celebrity pad also makes me feel ignorant and possibly very unhealthy? I don’t know what at least half of those things mean or why one would even need or want them, but I’m still impressed if bemused. Do I need to bathe in vitamin-C? What are circadian rhythm lighting and bio-based sound insulation? What makes a floor “posture supportive?” I don’t know, but you know who does? Leonardo DiCaprio, apparently, and if you want to find out for yourself, Leo’s old pad can be yours for just $8.5 million, in addition to the $6,118 monthly maintenance fee it takes to keep all that wellness running.

I’ve often wondered what living like Leo would entail. Usually I’ve imagined it probably involves a lot of yachts and an endless rotation of sub-25-year-old models on those yachts. But apparently living like Leo also involves vitamin-C showers, herbariums for your chef’s kitchen and having your posture perfectly supported by the literal ground you walk on. Stars! They’re absolutely nothing like us at all!

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