Johnny Depp’s $55M French Estate, Skate Park Included, Is on the Market

The sprawling estate was once a small village

Johnny Depp French house
Johnny Depp's French estate, seen from the air.
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In 2001, Johnny Depp bought an abandoned village in Le Plan-de-la-Tour, France, not far from Saint-Tropez. Over the years, the actor spent a sizable amount of money converting the village into an estate, including turning the building which had been the village church into a guest cottage. Depp has placed the space on the market before and has now done so again, according to a new article at Robb Report. If you have $55 million this time around, it can be yours.

It may be that Depp is no longer interested in a space associated with an earlier relationship (in this case, his 14 years with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he lived in the compound with their children), or it may be that his ongoing legal battles (which are, shall we say, not going terribly well for him and have affected both his career and his public perception) have revived the sale.

The village-turned-estate does sound like an intriguing, immersive space. The article has more information on the property, as well as details on how a small town became a family compound. The estate features one main residence comprising 4,500 square feet, along with six guest cottages, including the converted church mentioned earlier. The town square is configured for outdoor dining, and other features include an art studio, a wine cave and a gym.

Many of the buildings were originally constructed in the 19th century, though one assumes that some of the compound’s features — its skate park comes to mind — are more recent in vintage. Robb Report also mentions the presence of “a pirate-like lair” in the mix, which seems deeply on brand.

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