Heaven Is an Airbnb in Bali. This One.

Chameleon Villa' appears to grow straight out of the jungle

July 6, 2018 9:00 am

When it comes to improving curb appeal, folks might tell you it’s best to focus on a clean paint job or manicured lawn. But folks have never seen the raw concrete beauty and uncut hedges of the Chameleon Villa, a jungle mansion for rent in Buwit, Bali.

The home is built into a steep slope on an acre of land around a dense forest with a gentle river flowing nearby. Lead architect Valentina Audrito of Word of Mouth focused on creating a design that comfortably situates the main volumes of the building on the steep slope to make the most of the topography. That’s why from some angles, you almost can’t tell which is which: the greenery growing from the stone building, or the building creeping through the green canopy.

That camouflage effect is the “chameleon” the villa’s name references, but the home’s proximity to the canopy is also functional, as it helps collect rainwater. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls also do their part, rendering the home invisible from some angles.

home (5 images)

Traditional to the region’s architecture are the presence of various courtyards and pavilions, arranged to encourage more access to the shared spaces, as opposed to the bedrooms and offices which are kept more private from the main volumes of the home. The whole property has a feeling of privacy, though civilization is only 15 minutes away in the form of temples and beaches, restaurants and cafes.

Book the Chameleon for just $845 a night (that’s the rate for five people; it’s slightly cheaper for less guests, but can accomodate 10 in total). The rate also includes “trained staff” to pick you up and drop you off at arrival and departure, as well as serve you a daily breakfast and more.

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