Yes, You Can Build a Luxury Home Out of Shipping Containers

And then have it shipped to you, fittingly

July 25, 2017 9:00 am

So, shipping containers.

Name pretty much sums up their purpose, right?

Not if you’re Honomobo, a Canadian company that prefers to call ‘em “life-size Lego blocks.”

Their favorite use for shipping containers? Repurposing them into luxury prefab homes — for about a quarter of the price of most normal, far less awesome homes. And then shipping them (fittingly) anywhere in North America.

Honomobo chose shipping containers for their durability (they were designed for extreme temperatures and conditions) as well as their modular, flexible properties. Plus, you can move ‘em with you, and they all feature floor-to-ceiling glass and come equipped ready for solar power, if you wish. And all with plenty of color and interior options.

The company’s got several models, from a 240-square-foot mini-studio (H01) up to their newest two models: The H05+, a three-bedroom, den two-bathroom beauty that covers 1,500 square feet; and the H08, an incredible two-story abode with a walk-in closet and free-standing tub/shower.  

Honomobo (7 images)

The houses are built to order in about 10 weeks. As for the installation, all you need is a foundation plan and sewer, water and electrical hookups, along with a local contractor — or you can go DIY.

“The install itself only takes one day, depending on the size model, it can be anywhere from 3-10 hours to crane the modules onto the foundation,” says Honomobo’s Candace Siebenga. “When it arrives, the home is 95% complete inside. From there, our install team is on site for about one week to finish it and hand over the keys.”

Not ready to get a full house? Go small: The OBO is a 96-square-foot space that doesn’t need a building permit or foundation. It’s perfect for a separate office or man cave.

Because a home is what you make it.

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