Don’t Be Chained to Your Desk, Carry It

BYO ideas — this office in a box has everything else

July 17, 2017 9:00 am

Killer of more dreams than Harvard’s admissions board, the curveball and male pattern baldness combined, the modern office cubicle is where inspiration and ambition go to die.

Part of the reason for this is that, in addition to probably being located within close proximity to a guy like Bill Lumbergh, the design of the standard cubicle fails to think outside the box.

With the HO Cube, a transformable workstation that contains everything you need for a successful day at the office, that’s not an issue.

HO Cube (3 images)

Designed for Spanish furniture brand JMM, the HO Cube comes complete with a file cabinet, shelving, drawers LED lamp, circular stool and integrated power supply. Sealed together by nickel hinges, the desk’s design is simplistic, functional and doesn’t take up much space.

Part of JMM’s Black Tone collection, the piece is made of a combination of micro-textured lacquer and wood and won the HiP Award for best storage product at NeoCon Shows 2017.

Want to find out about pricing and availability? Here’s where to go. Don’t mention TPS reports.

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