Prefab Pod Home Can Be Your Office, Man Cave or Pied-à-Terre

How’s a $26,400, fully sustainable second home sound?

April 25, 2016 9:00 am
Prefab Pod Home Can Be Your Office, Man Cave or Pied-à-Terre
Brian Carr

Every man needs a place to work, a place to play and a place to get away from it all. Preferably on the cheap.

Realizing that, an Australian firm has created a line of architect-designed, engineer-certified, fully sustainable pod homes that can serve as your destination for all three.

Designed as home offices that can convert into recreational or limited-use residential spaces in a pinch, the prefab Harwyn pods are studio-sized rooms that feature high-quality thermal insulation walls and can be outfitted with furniture, speakers, televisions, A/C, LED strip mood lighting and unique blind systems designed to maximize natural light.

Harwyn’s managing director, Jason Fremder, named the pods, which can be installed in less than a day and do not always require planning permits, after his late father Harry and father-in-law Selwyn, a move that allowed him to avoid assigning a label that would limit their potential use cases — and any untoward furrows of the brow at the next family reunion.

Harwyn Introductory Video 1:59

“There is no doubt, that with the months and years to come, Harwyn will explore areas that take us in directions that we can not know right now,” Fremder says. “We hope you come along for the journey.”

For about the price of an entry-level sedan ($26,400), you can start that journey today.

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