This Virtual Projector Will Give Your Kitchen a TRON-Inspired Makeover

Who needs knobs and dials? We're cooking with holograms.

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

The next time you turn a dial, twist a knob or push a button in your kitchen, well, it may be the last.

Savor it.

Why? Because the appliance designers at GRUNDIG have cooked up a futuristic system called the VUX (Virtual User eXperience) that replaces standard exterior controls with a virtual control panel that can be projected onto countertops throughout your kitchen.

Using light that’s beamed from a central interface, the VUX can move the display panel depending on where you are in the kitchen, as well as alter its brightness and size. The virtual VUX panel can also display cooking times or information from an external source — like, say, a recipe from the internet. The system even recognizes the size of the pots and pans in use and automatically adjusts its eight heat zones accordingly.

“Blending seamlessly into the worktop, the controls are easy to clean while being far more hygienic, are extremely appealing to the design conscious,” GRUNDIG says. “Transcending the boundaries of a traditional worktop, VUX technology transforms the counter into a visual panel.”

You had us at “easy to clean.”

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