The Easiest Possible Home-Buying Experience

It arrives in a box. Then you move into it.

September 15, 2017 9:00 am

Location, location, location. When it comes to real estate, that’s a rule.

Well you know that they about rules, right? Because this tiny home does, and that’s why it takes things on the road.

A self-sufficient prefab house that requires no set foundation and can be transported wherever its owner would like to call home for now, the Futteralhaus is designed to offer “sustainable flexibility” independent of fixed foundations and addresses (and property taxes).

The basic 205-square-foot  $52k Futteralhaus has a 194-square-foot terrace. With enough room for a family of four, the moveable dwelling comes standard with a bathroom but can be upgraded with add-ons like a kitchen; furniture, heating and a solar power system.

Nomad Home (5 images)

Capable of operating in a rural or urban environment and connecting (or not) with the sewage system or grid in either, the turnkey Futteralhaus is delivered pre-assembled on a truck. And pricing it below market rate is a move they hope makes a lifestyle change more accessible to more people.

“We are becoming more mobile, flexible and independent with each passing day. We’re no longer confined to living in fixed concrete spaces,” according to the company. “With Futteralhaus, you can live simply but comfortably, on a rooftop with a bird’s eye view of the city, or at a remote spot surrounded by nature, while staying connected to the rest of the world.”

Wanna see what it’s like to vacation like a vagabond? Find a Futteralhaus you can rent here.

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