Not Every RV Comes With a Helicopter and a Hot Tub — But This One Does

Call it the Russian nesting doll of the 1%

January 12, 2017 9:00 am

An essential part of the traditional American road trip (besides having a trusted co-pilot, gas money, and a willingness to eat two day-old hot dogs) is having a proper vehicle to take it in.

The Elysium, a concept RV by Furrion that debuted at CES, qualifies.

Made to demonstrate all the ways modern electronics and technology can improve the standard RV experience, the Elysium is equipped with a trio of 75-inch flatscreens, an advanced kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, a shower that doubles as a steam room and a rooftop hot tub. And located next to the tub? A helipad, of course, becasue this RV also comes with a mini helicopter. Naturally.

Furrion’s Elysium RV (3 images)

Besides that aerial amenity, the 45-foot Elysium also contains next-level camper fare like a tucked-away bedroom, touchscreen-controlled integrated infotainment system and a fireplace.

Did we mention the friggin’ two-seat Robinson R22 helicopter on the roof?

Just checking.

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