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March 4, 2014 9:00 am
Canoe Bay Escape
Steve Niedorf

Hey, remember your childhood hideout?

Maybe it was a blanket fort. A tent in the yard. A treehouse, if you were really lucky/possessed of an architecturally astute parent.

One thing they all had in common: it was really easy to get away.

And so too can it be in grizzled adulthood, with ESCAPE — the handsome getaway/hideaway home that comes to you, available now for pre-order.

Classified as a “park model RV,” ESCAPE is a handcrafted country cottage inspired by — as the founders claim — Frank Lloyd Wright’s “celebrated attention to detail and appreciation of nature.”

In other words, this isn’t your typical double-wide.

Canoe Bay Escape

Beveled cedar siding. Oak hardwood floors. A real queen-sized bed. Granite countertops. Heated, screened living room porch. Custom fireplaces.

Ordering one is a snap: just pick out your preferred amenities (heated bathroom floors, custom cabinets, sound system), sit back and let the Wisconsin crafters do their work.

About 90-120 days later, a gorgeous customized cabin will be delivered to your location of choice. Just like that, your new guest cabin/rental property is ready to go (and since the Escape is classified as an RV, permits and financing are that much easier).

If you need to test it out first, Canoe Bay uses these beloved cabins at its Wisconsin resort. There, you can also enjoy golf, skiing and spa treatment.

Growing up has its perks.

Photos courtesy of ESCAPE by Canoe Bay

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