This Clay Pot Will Heat Your Living Room in 30 Minutes or Less

And it costs tree dollars and fitty cents to fuel it

September 12, 2016 9:00 am

Three dollars and 49 cents.

That’s how much it will cost you to warm your living room for approximately a week this winter, thanks to a new-to-market terra cotta heater that runs on miniature tea candles instead of electricity.

Called the Egloo, the dual-domed device can increase the temperature of a 90-square-foot room by approximately 10 degrees within half an hour. And the candles it uses are a good spot cheaper than your heating bill ($3.49 for 100 of ‘em), according to Inhabitat.

Effective over time, the 3D-printed winter warmer stores the heat that’s produced by the candles and gradually releases it (the mechanics are similar to a radiator), even after the candles have burned out.

The Egloos — which range in price from $50 to $100 — certainly aren’t the most complicated heaters in the world, but they do offer good bang for your buck and, with a number of different colors and textures available, they can really help tie the room together, dude.

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