Got $99 and a Hammer? This House Is in Your Budget.

Next time she sends you to the doghouse, you'll go happily

November 21, 2016 9:00 am

The tiny home movement is getting bigger by the day thanks in no small part to the work of pioneering individuals like Dee Williams.

After a 2004 medical emergency made her reassess things, Williams traded her four-bedroom house for an 84-square-foot home she built and designed herself — and never looked back.

Now, in order to help others live in their own little slice of heaven, Williams’ Portland Alternative Dwellings firm (PAD) is offering plans for a home with 125 square feet of floorspace for just $99.

Dubbed the Bunk Box, the plans will let handy tiny home enthusiasts build a minimalist dwelling featuring a kitchen, bathroom and 72-square-foot sleep loft with enough room for a double bed.

Housed on top of a 16-foot-long trailer once constructed, the Bunk Box has dual skylights on its roof and is completely insulated with closed cell foam in order to offer Thermos-like protection and keep “warm spaces warm and cool spaces cool.”

“In a big house, it’s easier to ignore what’s going on outside,” Williams told The New York Times. “Or you’re constantly trying to compete with nature through your thermostat. I’m more into collaborating with nature now.”

If you’re interested in the Bunk Box, you’ll have to collaborate with a plumber, as diagrams for plumbing are not included with the DIY plans.

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